Vivere Hammock, BBQ products and Outdoor Furniture

How about making your home even more cozy and comfortable? Vivere's hammocks, sunbeds, dream chairs, cacoons and much more transform your living room, backyard or balcony into the perfect space for relaxation. You no longer need to travel for peace of mind and a relaxing weekend escape, but you can always take the products with you if you do. Some of the brand's items offer a carrying case for easy transport wherever you go. The variety of hammocks, outdoor furniture and bbq products by Vivere is available online at TSC for your convenience. Shop now and give yourself a place to rest after a long, busy day. Vivere Ltd. is a Canadian outdoor living company based in Guelph, Ontario, founded in 2004 by Jason Stoter. The founder & CEO had the business idea during vacations in Mexico when a hammock seller approached him on the beach. He was instantly inspired to promote a calm and balanced lifestyle creating a necessary relief from the hectic modern life. Vivere primarily offered great quality hammocks with fresh contemporary designs, vibrant colours and patterns, and accessories. Hammock sunbrella, parachute hammock, hammock chairs, hammock stands, and Brazilian style double hammock were some of the options. Over the years, the company has added new categories of outdoor living products and expanded to new markets worldwide. The company’s range today also includes patio furniture, bbq accessories and exclusive designs, such as the Original Dream Chair. Whether you're looking for a trendy style, affordable outdoor furnishings, unique designs and colours or durable fabrics, Vivere is your source. If you have a big family, the Levitat Aerial Matbeach suspended mat is perfect! It can comfortably accommodate three adults or five children, and you can take it for a picnic in the park or camping during the summer. In the cold winter, you can bring a relaxed outdoor feeling to indoors' comfort with the Vivere Sunbrella Hammock Combo. With a fabric to outlast every season and as comfortable as cotton, this hammock creates the perfect refuge for a nap. Vivere believes in spending quality time with your family, balancing work with fun, taking a break for yourself, and most importantly, relaxing the world. Experience the company's mantra for living here at TSC!