Host: Carol

Carol Fysh

Carol Fysh has been a familiar face as a TSC – Today's Shopping Choice host for over 25 years and during that time, she has always been eager to connect with TSC's audience—asking questions, learning, discovering and finding humour in awkward conversations.

It's important to keep the spark alive during all stages of life, but it's especially important for women heading into the next chapter of their life—dealing with menopause, aging parents, relationships, self-love. That's why Carol is excited to be embarking on a new adventure at TSC as the host of Intimately You, a sexual wellness show that will help you discover, explore and educate yourself about a wide assortment of fun and sensual products built for adult play.

"These topics are no longer taboo and it's time to have these conversations. I can't wait to ask the questions and learn together with you. TSC's Intimately You will be the place where we can learn together!"

Host: Donna

Donna Faro

Donna Faro is a Wellness and Beauty Industry veteran with over 30 years of experience. Joining LELO in 2008, Donna guided the company's North American market to gain major brand recognition in the early stages leading to today's overwhelming global success.

"Prior to the early 2000's there were no viable options of intimacy products that people could feel safe buying or using. I saw that as a huge issue when it came to keeping relationships exciting and intimate. I knew that if people could feel comfortable with the whole subject matter as well as having quality, beautiful, sensual options of sexual enhancements, they could take the next steps in improving their sex lives. This is vital in staying happy and healthy and in love with yourself and your partner".

Donna is thrilled to now become a part of the TSC – Today's Shopping Choice's addition to this emerging category. "I know that women, men, and couples will learn more than they ever thought possible. There is not enough to be said about helping people discover themselves fully. A tasteful and educational approach is the new normal when it comes to sexual health and wellness. Taking all that I have learned over these past several years and sharing it in a safe and heathy format is to me, amazing!"

Host: Jessica

Jessica O'Reilly

Jessica O'Reilly (@SexWithDrJess) is a sex and relationship expert and the founder of Happier Couples Inc. which provides relationship education (online and via retreats) to couples across the globe. She works primarily with entrepreneurs and corporate executives to take their relationships from good to great.

Couples and Sex Therapist:Sigrun

Sigrun Sigurjonsdottir, Couples and Sex therapist

Sigrun was born and raised in Iceland. She grew up with liberal attitudes towards sexuality. She took a Master degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from The University of Central Florida and is pursuing a PhD in Human Sexuality from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology in Miami.

Sigrun has completed extensive training in various approaches to couples therapy, among them an externship in Emotionally Focused Training, Gottman levels 1 and 2, and she is certified in EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to deal with trauma. Sigrun is the only sex therapist in Canada who has been trained in the administration of hormones for sexual concerns, health and menopause.

Sigrun works for her own company Couplessolutions International in Markham and sees clients for individual and couples’ therapy and specializes in sex therapy. She enjoys working collaboratively with other professionals such as pelvic floor therapists, naturopaths who prescribe hormones and other doctors. Sigrun is a member in the American and Canadian Marriage and Family Association and an associate of BESTCO (Board of Sex Therapists and Counselors of Ontario).

Sex Therapist: Rebecca Rosenblat

Rebecca Rosenblat, Sex therapist

Rebecca Rosenblat is well known as one of Canada's leading relationship, sexuality, and healing experts, who has reached a captive audience of millions across North America. Some of Rebecca's accomplishments include, hosting three TV shows, two call-in radio shows, running sold-out seminars, keynoting at various conferences and trade shows, authoring several books and advice columns, and becoming a popular voice with the media. Rebecca is a professional member of CRPO, AASECT, AAMFT, OAMFT, IITAP and FRSH.