Product Overview

What it is: 
This formula contains GLB Standards Fruit Enzyme Blend I, which is known to exfoliate skin. This helps to prep skin and optimize your skincare regimen. 

Who is it for:  
This product is suitable for all skin types. 

What it does:  
• GLB Standards Fruit Enzyme Blend I GL complex is composed of glycerin, papain and bromelain 
• IBR-Dragon complex contains a prebiotic ingredient and is known to temporarily prevent trans-epidermal water loss, thus optimizing the skin's moisture barrier, and helping to enhance the look of skin radiance 
• Enzymes papain (papaya) and bromelain (pineapple) are known to exfoliate skin 
• Coconut water is known to optimize skin hydration and refresh the skin's appearance 

What is included:  
• Skinn Non-Negotiables Enriched Pitahaya Essence (6.5)—valued at $49.99


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