Product Overview

Experience the taste of pizzeria-style pizzas right from home. Bake your personalized version on the stone surface of this electric pizza oven from Granitestone and enjoy a cheesy, crispy crust made in your kitchen!

• Six-minute bake time: once your pizza is prepped, place it on the stone surface, set the temperature and watch it cook; thin-crust pies fully bake in under six minutes!
• Heats up to 800°F: standard ovens typically only go up to 450°F to 500°F, preventing you from achieving the crispy crust that's a pizzeria standard. Piezano takes it all the way up to 800°F so you get great results every time
• Stone-baked pies: a flat 12" pizza stone made of natural ceramic transfers heat while cooking so your pizza bakes evenly, resulting in a crispy crust; once done, the stone can be removed for easy cleaning
• Adjustable heat control: top and bottom heat settings give you full control over the temperature for a more even bake; a built-in thermometer display lets you monitor the cooking process for ideal baking conditions
• Electric powered: plug your Piezano into the nearest outlet, and place it on your countertop for everyday convenience; suction cups on the base prevent it from sliding
• 1,000–1,500 watts
• Dimensions: measures approximately 13.62"L x 13.77"W x 6.49"H
• Care: refer to owner's manual

• Granitestone Piezano Electric Pizza Oven 
• 12" Removable Natural Ceramic Stone
• (2) Wooden Pizza Paddles
• Recipe Booklet

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC and a 1-year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

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