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What it is:
Dormacell Radiance Cream is our first-class, age-defying skincare based on natural ingredients for revitalized, radiant and younger looking skin. This face cream with a special radiance booster from the Wu-Zhu-Yu fruit and caffeine revitalizes and intensively cares for your skin. The powerhouse combination of daffodil extract and moss extract helps your skin to better protect itself against external stressors and counteract the appearance of aging skin for a refreshed, youthful looking complexion.

Dormacell Night Recovery Cream is our first-class, age-defying skincare based on natural ingredients for revitalized, radiant and younger looking skin. This rich cream supports your skin through the night and revitalizes and refines the appearance of your skin for refreshed, smooth and younger looking skin each morning.

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for all ages and skin types.

What it does:
Dormacell Radiance Cream is an age-defying face cream based on natural ingredients to refresh and revitalize the appearance of your skin. Formulated with a daffodil extract, a moss extract, Gatuline Radiance, caffeine, long-chain hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, avocado oil and apricot kernel oil. The innovative combination of dormines, a natural extract of daffodil (IBR-Dormin), and the special moss extract help the skin be more resistant against external influences and counteract the appearance of premature skin aging for resilient looking skin. The Wu Zhu Yu fruit also supports the natural radiance
of the skin and refines the skin for a vital, youthful appearance. Caring oils and hylaruonic acid nourish the skin with moisture. 

With Dormacell Night Recovery Cream, the resistance against environmental influences is improved by dormancy and the natural vitality is maintained. This concept is used in the Dormacell product line in order to adopt it to our skin. The natural regeneration mechanisms are normalized for an improved resistance of the skin and the protection of a youthful-looking complexion. The gentle combination of dormines - a natural extract of daffodil - with the innovative active ingredient MossCellTec No. 1 (moss extract) supports the efficiency of the skin cells and makes them more resistant to external influences. The including yeast extract influence the self-cleaning processes of the skin cells. The appearance of the skin looks relaxed, refreshed and more radiant in the morning. Rich argan oil, nourishing shea butter and natural squalene nourish the skin intensively and influences the maintenance of the skin barrier. Tired skin appears revitalized and smooth with a healthy glow. 

What is included:
• Dormacell Radiance Cream- 50ml (valued at $69.99)
• Doramcell Night Recovery Cream- 50ml (valued at $69.99)
• Total value $139.98
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