Product Overview

What it is:
Treat your feet to some well-deserved pampering with these Collagen Socks and Peeling Socks duo. The Collagen Socks are infused with argan oil and and shea butter to provide intense hydration for dry skin. Plus, they're the perfect addition to any pedicure. Simply tear off the tips along the perforated edges for an all-in-one pedicure treatment.

Who it is for:
This set is generally suitable for all skin types, the peeling socks may not be suitable for sensitive skin.  

What it does: 
Break down dead skin and reveal soft, smooth skin underneath with the Peeling Socks in as little as seven days! Natural extracts gently penetrate rough, hardened calluses to naturally peel off and soothe at the same time. These single-use foot masks are made to give your feet a salon treatment at
home, no scrubbing required.

What is included:
• Voesh Peeling Socks with Botanical Extracts
• Voesh Collagen Socks with Argan Oil

*As offered for sale separately 
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