Product Overview
The Fitt Cube combines 10 pieces of fitness equipment or more, with four unique main functions: jump, grip, twist and step. With it, you can perform over 100 fun and different exercises in one compact fitness tool to target every muscle in your body. You can also use it to help you perform HITT (high-intensity interval training), which is scientifically proven to be one of the best and most efficient ways to work out. With Fitt Cube, you choose the intensity and length of your workout, plus there are 15 digital workouts available anytime, anywhere via the Fitt website. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of the Fitt Cube, available at a great value through TSC!

• Bands included for upper landower body workouts; (set of three) 2cm x 5cm x 0.04cm (2-4 lbs.); 62cm x 5cm x 0.06cm (6-8 lbs.); 62cm x 5cm x 0.08cm (10-12 lbs.)
• The tolerances are: length -2.5cm, width -0.5cm, and thickness - 0.015cm
• Care: for indoor use only; use a mat underneath the unit to protect the floor; keep dry, clean with warm damp cloth if needed, do not wet-clean electrical components (such as computer monitor); regularly check for damage to unit or parts, ensure fixings are tight before use

• Fitt Cube Multi Gym by New Image: valued at $272.99
• (3) Resistance Bands by New Image: valued at $25.99


 *As offered for sale separately 

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