Product Overview

What it is: 
vSculpt Gold is the first smart wellness device that harnesses the power of red light, gentle heat, and sonic technology to improve bladder leakage, vaginal dryness and sensation, all from the comfort of home.

Who it is for:
Joylux, Inc. is tackling a major health issue for women: pelvic floor disorders. vSculpt is using innovative technology to revolutionize women's health providing an effective, hormone-free, at-home solution that solves pelvic floor and issues experienced by millions of women.

What it does: 
• Red Light (LEDS) Energy: Six high-powered UV-free red lights (LEDs) in the 662nm wavelength shine brightly to safely and effectively stimulate the tissue.
• Thermal Energy: Gentle heat warms the tissue and encourages blood flow, which aids in natural lubrication to help sooth dryness. Gentle heat also amplifies the LED benefits.
• Sonic Technology: Sonic vibration aids in muscle stimulation. There are 6 (vFit) and 10 (vFit PLUS) modes for your customization.

What is included:
• vSculpt Gold Device
• USB Charging Cable
• Power Cube
• Storage Sachet
• User Guide

Warrant information: 
This product comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defect-related problems resulting from normal use of the product. 

Once you receive your sexual wellness item, it becomes intimately yours! This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

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