Product Overview


What it is:  
The perfect helper to easily swipe on those areas to help reduce friction while providing hands-free hydration temporarily for smooth movers on-the-go. It's fragrance-free, and packed with botanicals for temporarily softer, happier-feeling skin.

Who it is for: 
This product is suitable for anyone.

What it does:  
Targeted treatment for where friction-induced chafing irritates the skin; thighs, under bra straps, back folds, side of body, etc. It's a unique proprietary blend of oils, plant esters and jojoba wax.

Cooling to the skin. 
• Helps promote healing to existing chafe while.  
• Helping to prevent friction that causes peeling and dry skin.  
• Balm-like formula creates a breathable barrier that allows skin to rub together and glide smoothly without creating irritation 
• Leaves a non-greasy, silky powder-like feel.  
• Contains organic sunflower oil, jojoba, squalene, aloe

What is included: 
• Nakery Beauty Glide Go Aluminum-free Magic Friction Chafe Stick (65g)

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