Product Overview

What it is:  
Get the Perfect Glow, this all in one kit contains Exfoliating wipes, Body and Face Self Tanning towelettes.

Who it is for: 
This product is suitable for all skin tones.

What it does:  
Start with the new Exfoliating wipe, formulated with glycolic acid and fruit enzymes (orange and lemon fruit extract, witch hazel, sugarcane) to give you perfectly smooth conditioned skin. For best results use 24 hours 
prior to using your self tanner.

Self tanning towelettes are best for fair to medium skin tones and will give you a sun kissed glow. They're easy-to-apply, streak-free, pre-measured for the perfect amount, clear in colour, and develop into a tan in 2-4 hours. Face Tan towelettes are designed specifically for the face with added skin care ingredients.

What is included: 
• (6) Exfoliating Towelettes 
• (12) Half Body Towelettes 
• (6) Full Body Towelettes 
• (8) Face Towelettes

*As offered for sale separately 


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