Product Overview

The Digamathing from Grumpy Gardener is six tools in one, and is made from durable stainless steel to tackle multiple gardening chores. The Digamathing has sharp, serrated edges to easily cut roots and tubers, and even fertilizer and compost bags. With a pointed tip, the Digamathing makes it easy to break up hard, stoney or clay soils, thus easily making trenches and furrows for planting seeds and bulbs. The soft handle provides comfort yet a firm grip, and the spoon shape is etched with measurements for the correct planting depth of seeds and bulbs.
• Six tools in one
• Composition: TPR/ABS (grip), steel (blade)
• Dimensions: 22 cm
• Care: wipe clean after use

Digamax (Long-Handled Tool) 
The Digamax is designed to make larger planting holes where a conventional spade would be too heavy or cumbersome. Its pointed scoop design allows it to remove more material at a time than a regular trowel, and it's also ideal for removing loose soil from deeper yet narrow holes (e.g., fenceposts). It's intended for use with two hands for comfort, and can also help reduce over-bending when kneeling or standing.
• Lightweight alloy shaft
• Comfort-grip handle
• Super-sized steel scoop
• Composition: TPR/ABS (grip), steel (blade)
• Dimensions: 30"L X 4.75 W
• Care: use on compacted soil or clay, or use to pry out large rocks or root balls; scoop is not stainless, so could rust if poorly maintained; wipe clean after use

• Grumpy Gardener Digamathing XL Garden Trowel
• Grumpy Gardener Digamax (Long-Handled Tool)

Warranty Information:
This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.

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