Product Overview

What it is: 
This hydrating skincare-infused liquid blush is the solution to our everyday beauty needs. Airy, lightweight and with perfected pigment payoff, this Treatment Blush enhances your cheeks and provides buildable color that lasts all day.

Blush Brush:
This densely packed, ultra-soft synthetic bristled brush is crafted for the ideal blush colour application.   
Who it is for:
This product is suitable for everyone.

What it does: 
Equal parts makeup skincare, the liquid treatment blush is infused with botanically-derived ingredients such as Squalane for hydration, Red Algae Extract to support the skin's microbiome and Shrubby Everlasting Extract to target fine lines wrinkles--ultimately giving you ageless skin. Our universally adaptable shade range has been industry validated, meaning all skin tones, shades and skin types will look and feel beautifully flushed and healthy. Mistake-proof and easy to apply, this treatment blush plays well with others and can be applied with other liquids, powders, creams or oils. Because of this, expect effortless application as a little goes a long way. The Scientific Color® Treatment Blush is a multi-use formula allowing it to function on both cheeks, lips and eyes.

Blush Brush: 
With its stippling design, this Blush Brush provides seamless blending and can be applied under or on top of makeup for desired look. With an elongated plastic handle, this brush is developed to be easy to use and provide long-lasting durability.  

What is included:
• New Scientific Color Treatment Blush (0.17oz)—valued at $34.99
• New Scientific Color Blush Brush—valued at $29.00

*As offered for sale separately


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