Product Overview


What it is:  
Embrace your birthday suit up your shower game with a jumbo size body hand wash that will restore you skin and provide more youthful skin.

Who it is for: 
This product is suitable for everyone.

What it does:  
This is an ultra-foaming, concentrated serum-infused body hand wash that is a formulated with tri-hyaluronic acid, caffeine, squalene,& micro algae that helps to provide younger, smoother looking skin. This sulfate-free body hand wash helps improve the look of skin texture and reduces rough skin.

• Helps encourage cell turnover and improves skin elasticity.  
• Helps to improve the appearance of lines & wrinkles

Key Ingredients: 
• Tri-Hyaluronic Acid: A combination of high, medium, & low molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to deliver hydration & preserve skins youthfulness and hydration 
• Caffeine: anti-oxidant rich ingredient that helps with the look of cellulite for smoother looking skin, decreases the skin-aging, harmful effects of free radiacals created by environmental pollutants and UV radiation 
• Sugar Cane Derived Squalane: The plant-based form of squalane sourced from sugar cane that provides moisturization to the skin, improves the look of lines & wrinkles , improves skin overall elasticity 
• Arctic Micro Algae: helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles, repairs & restore skin on a cellular level, works to smooth out rough skin texture

Scent Descriptions: 
Social Butterfly allows you to charm the room; a juicy, big bowl of peaches swirled with vanilla. Charm everyone with a conversation of alluring florals and sparkling blossoms. Linger with a hint of warm vanilla and smooth silk. Enter the room with confidence and enjoy the party!

• Top: Mandarin, apple blossom and jasmine
• Mid: Passion flower, peach and pineapple
• Base: Vanilla bean, soft silk and sheer musk

Sunshine Bouquet is an energetic floral with notes of orange blossoms, ylang ylang jasmine and a hint of pink pepper. Have you ever met someone that brings sunshine to your life? Bursting with positivity, happiness and warmth. Look on the Brightside with energizing orange blossoms & pink pepper softened with a bouquet of jasmine. Be the sunshine that lights up others!

• Top: Bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper
• Mid: Orange blossom, jasmine, ylang ylang and neroli
• Base: Vanilla, sandalwood and musk

Late summer nights start with a pink-striped bronzy twilight sky, a cozy fire, and roasted marshmallows, dragonflies kissing the lake for one last drink, and the heart-warming feelings of friends, family, and days well spent. Lakeside sunset is a smoky, amber and clove with hint of sweet roasted marshmallows, inspired by warm summer sunsets at the lake.

• Top: Orange, clove and sweet roasted marshmallow
• Mid: Amber, fir and juniper
• Base: Sandalwood, smoked woods and musk

What is included: 
• Nakery Skin Restore Body & Hand Wash BOGO

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