Product Overview

What it is:
This fusion of clinically proven algae extracts and oils from SKINN can help detoxify and firm stressed aging skin.

Who it is for: 
This product is suitable for all ages and skin types.

What it does: 
Starring Arctic winged kelp, this bi-phase treatment is validated for its ability to help boost cellular activity, which can lead to significant increases in skin firmness and elasticity after just four weeks. Perfectly balanced, this liquid and oil-soluble formula has also been shown to help reduce the visible signs of inflammaging, a chronic state of irritation caused by oxidative stress, lifestyle and environmental aggressors. This energizing formula helps increase cell performance, helps flush toxins, and helps support collagen production, and helping to redensify volume to reveal the skin of your youth.

What is included:
• Divine Elixir Firming Algae Oil, Mini (0.5 oz)


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