Product Overview

What it is: 
DermaWand Pro is a non-invasive solution to look years younger. The patented DermaWand® Technology contained in DermaWand Pro helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve moisturization, tone and tighten sagging skin, improve overall skin appearance, and reduce pore size, as compared to the placebo.

Who it is for:
DermaWand Pro is perfect for anyone with aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles and visible pores.

What it does: 
DermaWand Pro can help reduce the look of nasolabial line depth more than creams alone. When used with pre-treatment and post-treatment face creams, DermaWand can help improve the elasticity of the skin more than face creams alone. DermaWand® Pro has a significantly more intense sensation on your skin than our original DermaWand® and now has an additional three treatment levels giving you a 33% more dynamic skin treatment regimen [for a total of 12 treatment levels]. It stimulates and rejuvenates your skin’s surface by sending out a gentle stream of low-level micro-current impulses up to 100,000 cycles per second to massage your skin to help improve circulation which brings fresh oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin's surface.

The unique Pre-Face treatment was specifically designed to help enhance the results of your DermaWand® by preparing your skin with an exceptional blend of hydrating moisturizers. This silky cream combines extracts of chamomile and aloe in an advanced formula that helps to optimize your skin’s ability to receive the enriched oxygen that the thermal energy delivered through your DermaWand®. It's formulated to enhance the results of the DermaWand® but can be used alone.

What is included:
• DermaWand PRO
• DermaVital Pre-Face Treatment (59 ml)
• DermaVital Skin Quench 50ml
• Zippered Carry Bag
• DermaWand Pro User Guide 

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