Product Overview

What it is: 
A blend of botanical and precious essentials oils with Torricelumn and red algae from the Arctic region to provide hydration, repair, and anti-oxidant protection for the skin.

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for all skin types.

What it does: 
Ingredient Benefits: 
• Torricelumn, Elizabeth Grant?s superior moisturizing compound.
• Red algae from the Arctic region helps protect and regenerate skin. Red Algae contains high amounts of polysaccharides (carrageenans), floridosides (combination of glycerol and galactose), taurine and by an especially high concentration of a peptide: L-citrullyl-L-arginine.
• Mokate kalahari melon oil from the dry Kalahari Desert rich in Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E has excellent moisturizing and skin conditioning properties 
• Buriti oil from the Amazon with its high content of B Carotene helps prevent drying of skin and has a healing effect on dry and damaged skin
• Jojoba oil penetrates the skin easily and has Long-Lasting Moisturization.

What is included:
• Elizabeth Grant Torricelumn Absolute Face Oil (90 ml)

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