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What it is:
Your little black dress confidence in a bottle. This offers a complete boost for the body that will have you wanting to flaunt that little black dress. This multi-action beauty treatment for the body is infused with Nakery Beauty’s proprietary SculptLuxe™ Complex to help firm & tighten the look of skin for visibly younger, smoother looking skin. Treat your body like your face with this ultra-potent, supercharged serum for the body.
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What it is for:
This product is suitable for anyone with dry, sagging, and dehydrated skin.  

What it does:
A powerful serum beauty treatment for the body with Nakery Beauty’s proprietary SculptLuxe Complex, a combination of arctic mircoalgae, caffeine, hibiscus flower, shea butter, & meadow foam oil that works to address the look of skin firmness and tightens the appearance of skin. It targets the appearance of sagging skin on the body and helps improve the appearance of lines & wrinkles and rough skin. It also helps to improve overall skin appearance and deliver ultimate hydration to the skin, while helping improve the look of skin texture for smoother, softer skin. It counteracts the negative effects of gravity and helps reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. 

Key ingredients:
• Arctic Micro Algae: on the volcanic island of Iceland, the glacial waters and volcanic minerals combine to create the purest form of red algae that works to repair restore skin on a cellular level. Stimulates, preserves, and protects skins collagen. Helps to reduce the look of stretchmarks. 
• Hibiscus: powerhouse flower loaded with vitamin C that reduces the breakdown of collagen, firms and tightens the skin. Supresses UVB-induced wrinkle formation. 
• Caffeine: known to improve cellulite, and lumpy and bumpy skin. Helps to firm tighten skin while improving ciruclation. Anti-oxidant rich. 
• Meadownfoam Seed Oil: Plantbased oil that is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. Locks in moisture.

What is included:
• Nakery Beauty Skinfirm Lift Tighten Body Serum Treatment With Sculpluxe Complex (250 ml)
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