Product Overview


What it is:  
This is an intense repair and conditioning hair masque that has unique ingredients to deeply condition and protect the hair after exfoliation and buildup removal.  

Who it is for: 
This product is suitable for anyone.  

What it does:  
This product is designed to provide a moisture barrier and provide 7 key benefits: hydration, volume, smoothness, suppleness, anti-frizz, pollution resistance, and strength. It helps repair and hydrate dry, damaged hair by creating a shield around the hair shaft. Hair is smoother, softer, and more manageable with less visible damage and frizz and greater shine.  

Key Ingredients and Benefits: 
• Vitamin B Complex: Works synergistically to restore and strengthen the hair. It also improves the appearance and shine of the hair.  
• ResistHyal™: Contains an optimized ratio of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids, dissolved in a blend of water and lactic acid. Creates a local moisture barrier all around the hair, allowing for the conversion of alpha keratin into beta keratin to enhance the beauty of hair fiber. 
• AnaGain™: Stimulates the scalp and helps hair look thicker and fuller. 
• French Green Clay: A natural mineral product well-known to help to detoxify the hair. 
• Silkgel NEO: An alternative to animal-produced silk, the transparent hydrogel helps create a  barrier around the hair to protect from environmental damage and colour fading.

What is included: 
• NassifMD® Intense Repair And Conditioning Hair Masque (120 ml)

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