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What it is:  
A set to cleanse, lift, and tighten! The 5-in-1 Serum-Infused Cleansing Cloths start your routine to cleanse away any dirt, makeup, impurities, while also exfoliating with AHAs. The cloths has serum-infused pockets that leave skin with actives such as niacinamide, peptides and aloe that leave skin looking hydrated, brighter, and moisturized. Then, the Rapid Lift Multi-Peptide Serum is your face lift in a bottle! It helps to lift sagging skin and improve facial volume, under eye bags, and help boost skin's collagen for lifted, tighter, younger looking skin. The perfect serum-packed duo for your best skin yet!    

Who it is for: 
This set is suitable for all skin types.

What it does:  
These Cleansing Cloths have pockets infused with serum to deliver anti-aging benefits for the face & body. Providing 5-in-1 benefits of a cleanser, exfoliator, makeup remover, serum, and moisturizer all in one easy-to use cloth for the face and body. Helps dull skin appear more radiant, plumps the look of skin, improves skin texture, and diminishes the look of lines & wrinkles, temporarily & with continued use.

Key Ingredients:   
• Aloe Vera: unique form of Aloe Vera that is rich in polysaccharides - helps to hydrate the skin, helps the appearance of skin, helps to diminish the look of lines & wrinkles  
• Niacinamide: powerful form of Vitamin B3 that is anti-oxidant rich to help fight against photodamage and fights aging, targets wrinkles and skin tone  
• AHA: brightens skin, removed rough skin, improves pores fragrance free alcohol free

Rapid Lift:  
Facelift in a bottle! The RapidLift helps to lift, tighten, and transform facial sagging skin.  Formulated to  tighten lift facial sagging, droopy eyelids, depleted cheekbones jowls. This transforming facial serum helps smooth away eyelid creases, fade away dark circles, eliminates under eye puffiness, under eye bags, and reduces crow’s feet. It's super-concentrated, made with Ideal-lift, BeautifEYE AquaCell and multiple other peptides for anti-aging, lifting and tightening. It builds collagen and regenerates skin cells.

Key Ingredients:   
• Idealift -Lipdipeptide that fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity stimulates elastin synthesis; Sculpts facial contours  
• AquaCell - natural complex combining Watermelon Rind Extract, Lentil Fruit Extract and Apple Extract in an optimized delivery system. Reduces Fine Lines in 2 hours and increases skin hydration in 15 minutes, lasts for 24-Hours  
• BeautifEYE - A global eye contour treatment derived from the flowers of the Persian silk tree, combined with a type of grass from India known as ”the holy herb” that lifts the upper eyelid, fights against drooping eyelids, reduces crow’s feet wrinkles and fades away dark circles  
• Caffeine - help protect against damage and keep your eye area looking its best while providing instant reduction of puffiness by constricting blood vessels  
• Matrixyl 3000 - clinically proven to lift & firm the skin and significantly reduce wrinkles. Steadily diminishes wrinkles by helping to restore the dermal matrix  
• Sodium Hyaluronate - forms a thin, light, permeable, invisible, viscoelastic surface film. This fixes the moisture on the surface of the skin snd serves as framework for structural proteins and skin cells, and as a filler.

What is included: 
• Nakery Rapid Lift Multi-Peptide Serum (50 ml)—valued at $60.00 
• Nakery 5 in 1 Serum Infused Multi-Action Cleansing Cloths 30 Ct—valued at $20.00

*As offered for sale separately 

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