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What it is:   
A powerful targeted clean beauty treatment for those areas needing a boost of arnica & magnesium. Infused with plant stem cells, flower & fruit extracts, as well as capsicum & ginger. This highly potent ingredient blend aids in the soothing & relieving of aches, cramps, joints & many more things our body struggles with temporarily.  

Who it is for:  
This item is suitable for all skin types.

What it does:   
This is a clean beauty aid for all the struggles life throws your way. Infused with the proprietary plant stem cell multi-active regen complex as well as natural arnica, capsicum, magnesium, ginger and menthol for ultimate comfort, calming, & cooling action.

Key Ingredients:   
Proprietary Plant Stem Cell Multi-Active Regen Complex: This potent complex with features two incredibly strong plant stem cells & extracts from berries & flowers. The multi-vitamin and antioxidant blend works together for both immediate (antioxidants – berries) & long term (stem cells – regeneration, collagen boosting) results. Custom made for Nakery Beauty.

• Arnica: natural ingredient that comes from the Arnica montana plant and offers many benefits for skin, soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation and heal wound  
• Magnesium: acts as a natural calcium blocker to help muscles relax, thus plays a role in regulating muscle contractions.  
• Capsicum: Derived from peppers, extremely high in vitamin C which is essential for many processes in the body including immune function, wound healing and the synthesis of collagen  
• Ginger: Can reduce skin roughness, encouraging soft skin that is smooth to the touch. Ginger root extract also has antioxidant properties.  
• Menthol: Provides a cooling sensation when applied to the skin, which helps relieve pain in the tissues underneath the skin. Used topically to provide temporary relief of minor arthritis pain, backache, muscles or joint pain, or painful bruises

What is included:  
• Nakery Skin Recovery Nourishing Magic Cream (118 ml)

This product is also available on Auto Delivery.

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