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What it is: 
Bear 2 Body Advanced Microcurrent Body Toning Device:
Tone and firm skin to help smooth away the look of dimples on the thighs, buttocks, arms and abs with Advanced Microcurrent™, Sculpting Microcurrent™ and  -Sonic™ massage. It leaves skin smoother, tighter and more sculpted.

Supercharged Firming Body Serum:
Anti-cellulite toning & tightening treatment.

Who it is for:
This item is suitable for all skin types.

What it does: 
Bear 2 Body:
BEAR™ 2 body uses up to 960 uA of microcurrent to tone the muscles in your body - so your figure looks more sculpted.

• Reduce cellulite: Microcurrent plus T-Sonic™ massage improves the look of cellulite by boosting lymphatic drainage to help target the fluid that accumulates in collagen pockets, and distribute the fat deposits. 
• Firm skin & smooth wrinkles: Microcurrent has been shown to increase the production of collagen and elastin - to firm skin and combat wrinkles. 
• BEAR™ 2 body stimulates microcirculation by delivering oxygen and essential nutrients to cells - to accelerate the skin renewal process, fade pigmentation, and encourage healthy-looking skin.

Supercharged Body Serum:
Give your body a boost of confidence with this anti-cellulite toning and tightening treatment. Luxuriously silky & lightweight, it helps nourish skin while reducing the look of cellulite with an antioxidant powerhouse of firming Peach Resin, toning Caffeine, elasticity-enhancing Squalane, moisturizing Allantoin and a repairing Hyaluronic Acid Complex - leaving behind velvety soft skin with fewer flaws & a dewy finish.

Developed specifically for use with Foreo BEAR, Foreo Supercharged Firming Body Serum is conductive, and
essential to get the most out of your microcurrent body toning treatments.

What is included:
• Foreo BEAR 2 Body—valued at $449
• Foreo Supercharged Firming Body Serum (100 ml)—valued at $97

*As offered for sale separately 

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