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What it is:
The Torricelumn™ Absolute Collection with Precious Sapphires is an intensive skin renewal, restructuring and transformative collection to help infuse the skin with a revitalized awakened vitality - the spark that ignites skin’s anti-aging journey. 

Sapphires, known as the "wisdom stone", are thought to restore balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental, and spiritual planes, bringing serenity, peace of mind, lightness, and joy. The blue sapphire is associated with purity and love and is the traditional 45th wedding anniversary gift.

Who it is for: 
This set is suitable for all skin types. 

What it does:
Torricelumn Absolute Day Cream With Sapphire: 
An advanced moisturizer for the day with concentrated Torricelumn™ – Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s intensely hydrating compound that helps boost skin’s moisture balance. This cream is energized with the power of this exquisite gem to help address the multiple signs of aging making skin look and feel its best, with optimal radiance and beauty. Exceptional in texture and powerful in performance.

Torricelumn Absolute Night Cream With Sapphire: 
This luxuriously soft anti-aging night cream is perfect for all skin types and helps to achieve a level of skincare excellence as it elevates your nightly routine. Torricelumn™ – Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s intensely moisturizing compound boosted with the energy of Sapphire, helps aid skin’s natural repair process that is activated throughout the night. Skin is revived and renewed with a fresh and youthful appearance.

What is included:
• Absolute Torricelumn with Sapphires Day Cream (100 ml)—valued at $175.00
• Absolute Torricelumn with Sapphires Night Cream (100 ml)—valued at $165.00

*As offered for sale separately 
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