Product Overview
This convenient all-in-one cleaning kit from Yuk Mop has antibacterial qualities that not only clean but sanitize at the same time, and its compact size makes it a great choice for back to school (e.g., dorms), spring cleaning and apartments. Yuk Mop can not only clean any debris left over from vacuuming, but also provide an antibacterial coating. Unlike perforated paper, the Yuk Mop has easy-tear technology that allows you to tear the paper anywhere you like, and it will always tear straight and clean.

• A glorified lint roller for cleaning the floors, carpet couch or bed!
• Large adhesive rolling mop made of specialty sticky paper and antibacterial properties; picks up all types of debris, hair, dirt, dust, spider webs and more
• Composition: plastic (roller/pole); synthetic rubber, resins, oils
• Dimensions: 25.5 x 7 x 2.5
• Care: warning! it's advised to not use a fresh sheet of the Yuk Mop roller on a hard surface or glass initially due to its strong adhesion. It's advised to use it on a soft fabric surface (carpet, rug) first before moving to hard flooring or walls. Please also see instruction manual
• Assembly required: screw the pole into Yuk Mop
• Country of origin: South Korea

• Yuk Be Gone Yuk Mop
• (3) Refills

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