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No Sugar In Me isn't an all-or-nothing detox or a quick-fix diet. This book is about changing your lifestyle through eliminating added, processed, refined sugar from your diet and embracing better nutrition to gain better health! Join
the No Sugar Revolution and you may experience weight loss, younger-looking skin, increased energy, better sleep, clearer focus, a brighter smile, increased performance, improved endurance, a longer life, and you'll have a much greater health outlook for the rest of your life! Learn what sugar really does to your health, how it is hidden in the food you eat every day, and the  cold hard truth about artificial sweeteners. How much sugar are you eating? Find out inside! After reading this book, you'll be leading the way in the No Sugar Revolution and you'll proudly be saying: "No Sugar In Me, I am sweet enough!"

• A one-week no sugar quick-start meal plan to get you on your way to the healthiest you've ever been. 
• Simple, yet delicious, No Sugar Food Swaps, a special section on how to Crush Your Sugar Cravings and how to bring your kids into the No Sugar lifestyle with you.
• Hard cover
• Dimensions:  approximately 9.25" x 6.75" x 0.75"
• 136 total pages

• "No Sugar in Me" Book by Brad Woodgate 

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