Product Overview
What is it: 
Schinoussa BrainBoost is a pure blue green algae. A vegan brain food supplement.

Who is it for: 
This product is suitable for men, women & kids.

What it does: 
Provides real food for the brain providing pea (phenylethylanine) that improves focus, memory, mood and great for mental health. No other supplement works as a neuromodultor like pea.

What else you need to know: 
The blue green algae is sourced from Klamath lake Oregon. This lake is one of a kind on the planet. A natural spring thousands of years ago has transformed into a heavenly lake that blooms the words unique blue green algae. This algae is super dense in phenylethylamine (PEA) which is natures brain fuel for neuromodulation. Focus, memory, mood, anxiety, stress,  depression and brain antioxidant are just some of the mental health benefits.

What it includes:
• Schinoussa BrainBoost AFA Supplement - 60 Count
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