Product Overview
What it is:
Introducing the Keto Made Simple Pure No Sugar Keto Bar! This is a ground breaking delicious bar that contains 0 grams of sugar, low net carbs and is all natural. Each No Sugar Bar contains 0 grams of sugar, 13 grams of healthy fats, 9 grams of plant based protein, and only 3 grams of net carbs.

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for men and women.

What it does:
Sugar is out, healthy fats are in and this is the only bar that has the exact nutritional profile people pursuing a keto lifestyle are looking for. This bar provides 75% of its calories from healthy fats, 20% calories from plant protein, and 5% from net carbs, all while providing a fantastic taste! Each bar is a delicious mix of nut butters, plant based protein powder and a silky smooth all natural sugar free chocolate that will help to curb your cravings in an instant while keeping you in ketosis.

What is included:
• Keto Made Simple No Sugar Keto Bar 12-Count Duo (480 g each)—valued at $38.00 each

*As offered for sale separately

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