Product Overview

What it is:
The Acuball & Acuball Mini are heatable self-healing massage tool to help treat larger muscle groups especially the back. The Acuback and Acupads are heatable back support and self release tools.

Who it is for:
Any age group who suffers from any type of body/muscle pain.

What it does:
Dr. Cohen's Acuball and the Acuball mini is a fantastic tool to help climate trigger points and muscular adhesions. The Acuball is designed to target large muscle groups. The Acuback and Acupads are effective self-treatment tools for neck, lower back and legs. They help release muscular and joint tension from body weight alone in as little as 3 minutes.

What is included:
• Dr. Cohen's Acuball Mini—valued at $24.99 
• Dr. Cohen's Acuball—valued at $39.99 
• Dr. Cohen's Acuback—valued at $49.99
• Dr. Cohen's Acupads - Set of 2—valued at $79.99

*As offered for sale separately


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