Product Overview
A timeless tool for intense heart-racing. Everlast's Extreme Jump Rope makes for an excellent tool for cardio to get you intense calorie-burning results. Getting bored with the same old routine? Shaking up your workouts with different techniques can help you stay invested, all while burning calories. Warm-up or add to your cardio using Everlast's Extreme Jump Rope. Made using  durable plastic, this jump rope has a length of 9 feet (2.75 m), making it ideal for all fitness levels and all heights. It features a precision ball bearing rotation for increased speed. The unique rubberized handle design provides maximum grip during your workout. This durable, lightweight and portable jump rope is excellent for cross overs, side jumps, double-overs, skips and other combinations that you can integrate into your workout. Step up your regularly scheduled cardio with a simple yet effective calorie-burner. 

• Composition: PVC and rubber
• 9ft (2.75m) rope with smooth ball bearing action
• Unique handle design for maximum grip
• Builds endurance and conditioning for improved stamina
• Burns calories and speeds up fat loss
• Increases cardio performance
• Country of origin: China

• Everlast F.I.T. 9'/2.75m Extreme Jump Rope

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