Product Overview
What it is:
Super Food Sea Vegetables:
Schinoussa Sea Vegetables is an algae based superfood. It's nature's multivitamin and weight management support. A great green super drink for overall health and wellness. 

Fatmetab Pre-Workout:
Schinoussa Fatmetab liquid is a safe and natural vitamin herbal supplement to help balance hormones for fat loss and it can give pre-workout energy from caffeine.

Who it is for: 
These products are suitable for anyone ages 15–90. 

What it does: 
Super Food Sea Vegetables:
Provides a real food source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in highly absorbable form - 98% bio available vs 10% synthetic vitamin supplement. 

This product can provide noticeable health benefits that are all-natural, healthier, and safer than synthetic products. 

Fatmetab Pre-Workout: 
It's all-natural ingredients can offer a pre-workout energy boost and help increase your metabolism to burn fat easier. 

What is included: 
• (2) Schinoussa Super Food Sea Vegetables Weight Management 270g—valued at $56.99.
• Schinoussa Fatmetab Pre-Workout (Fruit Punch) 500ml—valued at $41.99.

*As offered for sale separately 

Delivery information:
• Physical address required—no P.O. boxes.
• Please allow 5 days for delivery.
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