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What it is:
Keto 600 Exogenous:
Betahydroxybuterate (BHB) Exogenous Ketones. New for clean brain fuel and promotes mental and physical endurance. 

Keto MCT:
Super-natural KETO MCT Powder Drink Mix.
E5 Boost Electrolytes:
A Keto Boost powder that is know as a 3 in 1 sport electrolyte supported by B vitamins, minerals and amino acids for muscle fatigue prevention. Targets all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. 

Who it is for:
Products in this bundle are suitable for men & women ages 15 looking to create a healthy lifestyle 

What it does: 
Keto 600 Exogenous:
All-natural ingredients help to increase energy and brain function. Keto 600 is a researched formula that achieves fat loss goals. BHB Salts (Beta Hydroxybutyrate), are able to help fuel your brain during low-carb dieting. Being in ketosis may support overall wellbeing and allow fat to be used for fuel much easier. 

Keto MCT :
100% all-natural coconut MCT Powder for added healthy good fats. 100% coconut oil powder is the only ingredient. Healthy fats provide energy, mental & physical health and a ketogenic edge in your diet. 

E5 Boost Electrolytes:
For keto lifestyle, this formula supports hydration and prevents hunger. Fast acting and long-lasting electrolyte support. Sugar free, stevia base lemon powder. This formula is unique and uses high grade food extracts and real mineral sources for ingredients. 

What is included:
• Keto 600 Exogenous (75ct)—valued at $47.99
• Keto MCT; Unflavoured (300g)—valued at $33.99
• E5 Boost Electrolytes (100g) Natural Lemon Flavour—valued at $36.99

*As offered for sale separately
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