Product Overview
For fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike, getting a good workout routine together is essential to maintaining your fitness levels. Many people have difficulty making time for an adequate workout routine that includes both cardio and resistance training. However, with Egg Weights, you can combine each of these elements into single exercises for greater convenience and better overall results from your workout. These weights are a perfect way to take charge of your own cardio and weight training routines. 

Egg Weights are unique in size and shape, and they allow you to comfortably hold one in each hand during various cardio or stretching exercises. They are also made of more dense metal, so they weigh more without increasing in size. These weights have a plastic covering with a loop on top for your finger and bumps on the sides for easy gripping action.

You won't need to wrap anything around your hands or wrists. Egg Weights don't get smelly or need to be washed after use like a stinky weighted glove that absorbs sweat. Simply clean with a wipe or hand towel and you are ready to go again. The set contains two portable weights that easily fit into a carrier bag to make storage and transportation quick and easy.

(2) 1.5 lbs. Weight

Warranty information
This product comes with a 90-day limited warranty through the manufacturer. 

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