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What it is:
Sustainably harvested sea sponges are a 300 year old tradition from the Adriatic sea. These 100% natural and organic sponges are the ultimate gift of mother nature for self-care. This duo set is perfect for taking care of your skin in a gentle and caring way. The sponges give skin a soft, thorough and delicate cleanse.

Who it is for:

This set is suitable for all skin types.

What it does: 

The unique fine pores of Adriatic sponges create a thick lathering cleansing foam. Soft and silky to the touch, gentle on the skin and also suitable for makeup application, the sponge provides a luxurious experience.  Ancient traditions of mindful collection leave parts of the Sponge on the seafloor to regenerate. This natural growth process occurs within a few years, making the harvested Adriatic Sea Sponge uncompromising in its quality. Use the makeup sponge to help apply your makeup and the face sponge to remove it, rather than a cotton or a tissue. Unlike synthetic sponges, they contain no microplastics that can shed during washing and get swept down the drain into rivers and seas. 

• Makeup sponge measures approximately 6-7cm
• Face sponge measures approximately 9-10cm.
• Soft, fine-pored, highly absorbent
• Hand-harvested from the Adriatic Sea
• Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial
• Kind to your skin and the environment
• Long-lasting, toxic-free and plastic-free, biodegradable

What is included:
• RE.VITYL Organic Sea Sponge for Makeup
• RE.VITYL Organic Sea Sponge for Face
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