Product Overview

What it is:  
Schinoussa Beautiful is pure wild caught marine collagen with vitamin C. 

Who it is for: 
This set is suitable for anyone. 

What it does:  
This supplement provides the most absorbable source of collagen to improve hair, making it strong & healthy along with youthful skin and stronger nails.  

This marine collagen is the industries finest. It's made with wild caught tilapia from south Korea fishing waters. Clean water, fresh non gmo fish provide the best scales to create the most therapeutic collagen. Hair, skin, nails, fine lines, wrinkles and joint pain are the leading reasons for using only premium quality ingredients. 

• Helps to reduce fine lines & wrinkles 
• Improves quality, strength and texture of soft tissue 

CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: Consult with health care professional. May cause GI sensitivity to sensitive people. 

What is included: 
• (2) Schinoussa Beautiful Marine Collagen (90CT Bottles)—valued at $37.99 each 

*As offered for sale separately


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