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What it is:
Probiotic BCAA: 
BCAA's are key amino acids that not only aid in strenuous activity recovery, but assist in muscle growth, anti catabolic effects and help to assist in fat metabolism. The addition of this specific probiotic blend works to improve the overall benefits of BCAA due to better nutrient delivery & muscle strength abilities. 

Probiotic L-glutamine: 
Provides immune health and aids in digestion, gut health, IBS and colitis. It improves muscle
recovery and strength and contains all natural ingredients.

Who it is for:
This set is suitable for anyone 18 .

What it does: 
Probiotic BCAA:
• Muscle protein synthesis 
• Immune and digestion support
• Lean muscle builder
• Athletic support
• Vegan
• Non GMO
• Gluten Free
• Soy Free. 

Probiotic L-glutamine: 
• Non GMO
• Plant Based
• Fermented L glutamine
• Muscle protein synthesis
• Gluten Free
• Soy Free
• Unflavored. 
• Easily dissolves in water 
• Features 8 probiotics
• Active lifestyle support
• Immune health
• Gut health
• Improves muscle repair, growth
• Brain health

What is included:
• Schinoussa Probiotic BCAA (150g)—valued at $39.99
• Schinoussa Probiotic L-Glutamine (300g)—valued at $39.99

*As offered for sale separately
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