Product Overview

What it is: 
Fatmetab B Complex : 
Schinoussa Fatmeta B is a safe natural vitamin herbal supplement to balance hormones for fat loss. 

Beautiful Marine Collagen: 
Pure wild caught marine collagen with vitamin C. 

Brainboost AFA : 
A pure blue green algae and vegan brain food supplement.

Who it is for:
These products are suitable for anyone 15 .

What it does: 
Fatmetab B Complex : 
Provides key nutrients to balance stress hormones, sugar craving hormones and help increase metabolic function. 

Beautiful Marine Collagen: 
Provides most absorbable source of collagen to improve hair, skin and nails. Improves quality, strength and texture of soft tissue faster than the competition. The modern technology process of extracting vitamins and minerals from whole food sources creates the most bioavailable and safe ingredient profile. The results are healthy and safe metabolic regeneration of a youthful metabolism. 

Brainboost AFA : 
Provides real food for the brain providing pea (phenylethylanine) that improves focus, memory, mood and great for mental health. No other supplement works as a neuromodulator like pea. The blue green algae is sourced from Klamath lake Oregon. This lake is one of a kind on the planet. A natural spring thousands of years ago has transformed into a heavenly lake that blooms unique blue green algae. This algae is super dense in phenylethylamine (PEA) which is natures brain fuel for neuromodulation. Focus, memory, mood, anxiety, stress, depression and brain antioxidant are just some of the mental health benefits.

What is included:
• Schinoussa Beautiful Marine Collagen (90ct)—valued at $37.99
• Schinoussa Fatmetab B Complex (90ct)—valued at $41.99
• Schinoussa BrainBoost AFA Supplement (60ct)—valued at $37.99

*As offered for sale separately 


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