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Summer constellations are best seen in the evening sky from late June to late September in the Northern Hemisphere, and from late December to late March in the Southern Hemisphere.

Since time immemorial, stars have been a source of inspiration and legend for people around the world. In the Northern Hemisphere, early civilizations were mystified by two easily identifiable constellations that astronomers commonly refer to today as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Ancient people believed these stars were wagons or plows, chariots or drinking gourds. Despite the fact that many of these cultures were oceans apart, a surprising number of them were sure they saw bears twinkling in the night sky.

Some say the ancient Greeks believed Ursa Major was actually a beautiful nymph named Callisto, who was turned into a bear by Zeus to shield her from his jealous wife Hera. But one day as Callisto's son Arcas was hunting in the woods, Callisto almost became his prey. Zeus, watching from above, acted quickly and turned Arcas into a bear also, and yanked them both up into the sky by their tails, causing the bear's tail to become stretched forever as they hang in the sky.

As the earth completes its annual orbit around the sun, the positions of Big Bear and Little Bear will change with the season, but they are always visible from Canda.

• Designed by Artist Colin Mayne
• Denomination: $50
• Metal: palladium
• Mintage: 12,000
• Diameter: 34 mm
• Weight: 31.16 g

• 2006 $50 Summer Constellations Pure Palladium Coin

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.

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