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What it is: 
Keto 600: 
This product contains betahydroxybuterate (BHB) exogenous ketones for clean brain fuel and to promote mental and physical endurance.

Fatmetab B Complex :
This is a safe and natural vitamin herbal supplement that can help balance hormones for fat loss.

Who it is for:
The products in this kit are suitable for anyone aged 15 or older.

What it does:
Keto 600:
Keto 600 is a researched formula that can help achieve fat-loss goals and features all-natural ingredients to help increase energy and brain function. BHB salts (betahydroxybutyrate), can help fuel your brain during low-carb dieting. Being in ketosis may support overall well-being and may allow fat to be used for fuel more easily. Ketones from exogenous sources can have amazing results when bound with calcium and magnesium. (Sodium isn't used; no sodium chloride.) As a result, ketosis can be easy to achieve and maintain.

Fatmetab B Complex : 
This complex helps provide key nutrients to help balance stress hormones and sugar craving hormones, and can help increase metabolic function.

What is included:
• Schinoussa Keto 600 Exogenous (75-count)—valued at $47.99
• Schinoussa Fatmetab B Complex (90-count)—valued at $41.99


*As offered for sale separately.
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