Product Overview

What it is:  
Creatine is an amino acid found mostly in the body's muscle and brain. The body makes about 1g of creatine per day. Creatine helps to keep muscles and brain strong.

Who it is for:  
This product is suitable for anyone 18

What it does:   
• May help keep your muscles and brain from fatiguing too early.  
• Helps muscle energy & strength recover faster and provide antioxidant benefits.  
This form of creatine is the most studied and researched.   
• A far superior product as it doesn't have any chemicals or simulants.  
• Unflavoured.

What is included:  
• (2) Schinoussa Micro Ionized Creatine Monohydrate (300g)—valued at $44.99 each

*As offered for sale separately 


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