Product Overview


What it is: 
A properly functioning gastrointestinal tract is important to your overall health and well-being. Your gut health and skin health are intrinsically linked, often referred to as the gut-skin axis. Gut Glow is specially formulated to address many of the major gut issues so many people struggle with daily. Gut Glow also contains prebiotic fibers, supporting the thousands of different beneficial gut microbes required for your gut, and whole health, to flourish.

Who it is for: 
This product is suitable for anyone 19

What it does:  
• Complete: Not just a fiber supplement, it delivers on all aspects of gut health, gut immunity, & gut inflammation.  
• Microbiome: Powerfully boosts good gut microbes without the need for probiotics.  
• Easy: No goopy hard-to-drink fibers, mixes easily into any beverage.  
• Clear/no taste.

What is included: 
• (2) Bend Beauty Gut Glow (240g)—valued at $59 each

*As offered for sale separately 


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