Product Overview

What it is:
VitaMucil contains psyllium seed husk, the most beneficial portion of the psyllium plant as a fibre source and cholesterol lowering agent. VitaMucil does not contain any synthetic fillers, colours, sweeteners, gluten, casein, perservatives, soy or dairy.

What it does:
VitaMucil is a whole food fibre supplement that provides a gentle laxative effect. It works by gently sweeping the insides of the intestines to release built up debris on the intestinal walls. VitaMucil is considered a bulking agent as it expands in the digestive tract when mixed with with fluids.

What is included:
• (2) VitaTree Plus VitaMucil- 60 Day Supply (Veggie Capsules; 120 Capsules in Each Bottle)

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