Product Overview

The XZAKTLY PickerUpper ball retriever is the perfect add on to any pickleball paddle. This amazing product retrieves your pickleball balls with ease and without the need to strain your back, knees or muscles. The suction cup bottom is simple, easy to use and light weight. The XZAKTLY PickerUpper retriever fits snuggly on the end of your grip and will not affect your game due to its ultra light material. It can pick up all indoor and outdoor balls and is a great add on to help your game without putting any added strain on your body. The set of 2 PickerUpper's are great for you and a partner.

• Compatible with all Pickleball Paddles
• Ultralight material
• Doesn't interfere or affect gameplay
• Works for both Indoor & outdoor balls
• Helps reduce added physical strain during play
• Perfect for all age groups

• XXzaktly Pickerupper Pickleball Ball Retriever - Set of 2

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