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Discover the sights and species that make each region of Canada so unique and fascinating with the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2024 This is Canada: Wondrous Waters series. The journey begins by exploring the wondrous waters that surround us, from Canada’s Pacific shores to our northern waters, and from the eastern seaboard to our southernmost lakes. The $20 fine silver coin designs capture the beauty and grandeur of both our coastal terrain and the wildlife that thrives on each coast. Highlighting the theme of exploring Canada, compass elements surround the engraved designs.  

Order this four-part subscription to ensure you receive all four coins as soon as they are released.  The first coin will be shipped and billed at $104.95 when you order. The remaining three coins will be billed at $104.95 each and shipped as they are released.  

Coin 1 - Pacific Coast (Release Date February 2024)     
Travel to British Columbia for a view of Canada’s Pacific coast. Designed by B.C. artist Glen Green, this iconic coastal view shows a pod of orcas in the waters near a rocky island, while in the background mighty forests and mountains line the shore.

Coin 2 - Arctic Coast (Release Date May 2024)    
Canada’s coastline is the longest in the world and two-thirds of it lies in the Arctic. Most of this coastline wraps around the many islands that lie near the top of the world, such as Baffin Island and the Queen Elizabeth Islands. Nowhere is the connection between land and sea more evident than along our vast northern coast, where life follows the seasonal cycle of sea ice, a critical habitat for polar bears, seals and more. Just like the Arctic coast itself, this coin is teeming with hidden wonders and endless beauty, from iconic wildlife to the tundra landscape that comes alive each summer, and the cultural ways that have left a deep imprint on Canada’s northern identity.

Coin 3 - Atlantic Coast (Release Date August 2024)
Soaring cliffs, windswept trails and scenic vistas dotted with lighthouses combine to form Canada’s picturesque Atlantic coast. All along our Eastern shores, the fresh salt air and harbours are reminders of how life here has always been closely tied to the sea and to seafarers. Whether you are viewing icebergs, tall ships, migrating seabirds or a tidal bore, there are countless ways to soak in all the stunning coastal scenery and Maritime culture that defines Canada’s Atlantic experience, a quintessential part of our national identity.

Coin 4 - Great Lakes (Release Date November 2024) 
The Great Lakes form the largest body of freshwater on Earth, and they were the main arteries of early Canada, the freshwater seas upon which people and goods have travelled since time immemorial. Though we share this unofficial “fourth coast” with the United States, the pristine wilderness of Canada’s Great Lakes region has done much to shape the world’s perception of Canada as a place teeming with life, including beloved wildlife species that are regarded as quintessentially and iconically Canadian.

Monarch transition set: the first coin is the series is one of the last to feature the posthumous effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the following three coins will feature the effigy of King Charles III.

• Mintage: 7,500 (each coin)
• GST/HST exempt

• Four Coin Subscription-2024 $20 Wondrous Waters

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This product comes with a 30-day warranty through TSC.

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