Product Overview
Adjustable resistance– IMFIT hand grip strengthener works perfectly, as the dial can easily adjust its resistance from 5 kg to 60 kg. The grippers are most suitable for athletes, fitness trainers, sports enthusiasts, musicians, and people who spend more time typing on keyboards to provide good hand relaxation. Great for your grip & strength recovery – The IMFIT adjustable hand grip strengthener is an excellent help for strengthening hands, forearms, wrists, and fingers. It is easy to use as well as efficient. The grip strengthener helps with injury rehabilitation, relieves stress, and increases stamina. It is also one of the best strength exercises for people who have tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and those who are recovering from tendon surgery. Studies suggest an association between computer use and carpal tunnel syndrome. Using handgrip while working can be a great exercise to relieve pain. Ergonomic design- the IMFIT hand grip strengthener is ergonomic and suitable for almost all age groups and various hand sizes. The hand grip strengthener is made of durable soft non-slip material, which is comfortable for your fingers and prevents your fingers from being stressed. A portable design-IMFIT hand grip is a portable hand grip strengthener that is easy to carry and travel with, allowing you to exercise in your leisure time at work, home, or vacation. High quality & comfortable – the top-quality design of the IMFIT handgrip makes it durable and safe so it won't damage your hands or fingers.

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