Product Overview

Post-workout recovery is just as important as the activity itself, and we understand your requirements on muscle massage after physical training. That's why VENTRAY home rolls out this Multi-Angle Muscle Massager, which is adjustable to any angle and perfect for targeting all the areas that need attention.

Using our muscle massage gun is like having three different types of massages at your fingertips. Whether you need relief from sore muscles after working out or just want to keep them healthy and strong, we've got the perfect heads that will work on all parts of the body! The benefits don't stop there though; by using one simple tool in combination with physical activity (such as running), blood circulation can be boosted even more effective than traditional methods alone--and this increases endurance too. You'll be happy with how much more relaxed you feel when using one of these devices at home alone or traveling abroad without worrying about carrying around bulky equipment. You don't have to bring anything but yourself when using this product at the home, office, or while traveling!

Material: ABS
Battery capacity: 2000mAh, 7.4V
Charging time: 3H, USB-Type-c charging
Working time: 2-5H
Rated power: 40W
Massage stroke: 8mm
Gear speed:
①Gear: 25HZ, 1600/min
②Gear: 35HZ, 2100/min
③Gear: 45HZ, 2600/min
Size: 17.5 * 12 * 7.5cm / 6.89 * 4.7 * 2.95"
Net weight: 460g

3 MASSAGE HEADS FOR EVERY MUSCLE GROUP - The ball head releases tension in your arms, waist, back. The U-shaped head is best for the neck and spine. Bullethead will do wonders on the deep tissues.
3 INTENSITY LEVELS - The first gear relaxes and decompresses muscles, while the second gear deep massages muscles. The third gear is especially effective for breaking up lactic acid in the body.
NEVER MISS A SPOT AGAIN - You can massage your whole body with just one hand! The massage gun has a 180° rotating head, giving you access to every part of your body without over stretching.
UP TO 5 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS POWER - With up to 5 hours of battery life and a 2000mAh quick charge lithium-ion battery, this device will be sure to help you feel better in no time at all.
PORTABLE & QUIET - The low decibel design makes it perfect to enjoy massage relaxation anywhere you want, and the portable, one-hand-hold design makes it an excellent travel companion.

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