Product Overview

When it comes to garden pruning, having the right tool on hand speeds up the process and reduces hand and arm fatigue. Hedge shears work similarly to scissors, with two sharpened blades overlapping one another to make a clean cut. Its long-lasting blade and special coating reduce rusting and keep the blade sharper much longer than others. 10mm/0.4-inch cutting capacity, there are few types of grass you can't cut through. The ergonomic handle is a lifesaver on days when you are pruning, shearing, and lopping from sunrise to sunset, allowing you to finish the job faster so you can enjoy a bottle of well-deserved drink.

STURDY & SHARP WAVY BLADES - Quality wavy blades effectively prevent the branches from sliding, sharp enough to ensure the branches are cut quickly and smoothly. Blade: Grey Teflon.
EFFORT-SAVING GEARED MECHANISM - It uses the geared mechanism to maximize cutting power so you can get the job done more easily and effortlessly.
10MM-INCH CLEAN-CUT CAPACITY - 10mm/0.4 inch cutting capacity, easily deal with more stubborn green, live growth that other hedge shears would struggle with.
ERGONOMIC HANDLES - The ergonomic and comfortable handles give you more reach and leverage and ease your hand and arm fatigue in the meantime.
WIDE APPLICATION - Ideal for trimming, cutting, and shaping lawn, boxwood, hedges, decorative grasses, shrubs, etc.

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