Product Overview


With this portable projector take the cinema home with Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and over 200 genuine built-in apps.

Wanbo TT Compact projector takes a leap with an in-built cinema. It is unforgettable elegance with a strong sense of technology. An extravagance small body with an overall obsidian black design, symmetrical water plating finish with chrome, and 2.5D acrylic panel.

Unbeatable features:

Auto-Focus: Wanbo TT Compact Projector consists of a self-developed AI focus algorithm and finishes auto-focus within 1-4 s in general. With 9 directional gyros, a clear image is maintained all through.

550 ANSI: Wanbo TT Compact Projector offers brightness and outstanding details which cannot be ignored. Brightness increased greatly up to 550 ANSI with full colors to enjoy the large screen. A viewing experience with an anti-light curtain even in the daytime. Developed and defined by the internationally recognized association, American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

1080P Resolution: 1920*1080 physical resolution, and perfectly enhances the picture contrast, outstanding in every detail including color with an original paint-perfect experience. This resolution delivers a full 2.07 million pixels picture with a display aspect ratio of 16:9.

HDR 10: The HDR10 format allows for a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits (a measure of brightness), and a color depth of 10 bits. HDR10 allows for an image that is over twice as bright, with a corresponding increase in contrast and a color palette that has one billion shades, as opposed to the measly 16 millions of SDR.

MT9266: With the high performance of MT9266 TV grade CPU, 1 8G large storage, enjoy rapid response without buffer while using this TT projector.

Auto-tilt: Wanbo TT Compact Projector can slant image that will be squared automatically via four directional keystone correction as well as side projection, which makes projection more convenient.

Dual Band WIFI: 2.4GHz/5GHz dual frequency with no signal interference, TT projector is more stable, transmit faster, and ensures a smooth experience with low latency.

Closed Optical Machine: Newly upgraded fully closed optical machine avoids black spots from entering the screen efficiently, which prolongs machine life greatly.

APPS: Wanbo TT Compact Projector offers over 200 genuine in-built Apps for easy access to view online freely without even downloading it. Includes the popular Apps- NETFLIX, PRIME VIDEO, YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE KIDS & many more.

360 Dolby Atmos: Wanbo TT Compact Projector is supported Dolby Atmos with 5W *2 Dual stereo, independent digital power amplifier, and hi-fi stereo surround sound with clean voice details which also restores natural sound and gives us an immersive viewing experience.

Wide Compatibility: HDMI USB supports connecting to computers, U Disk, Switch, PS5, XBOX, etc., and supports KTV equipment and audio equipment.

Low Noise: Working noise is less than <32db/m.

Diverse is Use: Wanbo TT supports projection with massive apps making itself compatible with playing games, entertainment, or for office assistance and presentations. The compact size is easy to travel with and makes it a perfect portable projector for outdoor events.

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