Product Overview

With Kingsmith foldable water rowing machine, you can have a complete workout solution for fitness and health straight at your home. Also, with water foldable rowing machine, you can have full body work out, almost 90% of your muscles in different ways without even using any additional equipment or machines. It helps in fitness and health, while building your upper body muscles much better than any other cardio workouts like cycling, running, etc. The compact water rowing machine is a modern compact fitness equipment that occupies less space in your home or office. Additionally, the elastics and accessories offer a versatile exercise that includes single-leg squats for hips & legs, curl backstrokes for strength, and regular rowing for a better physique.

Unbeatable Features:

Screen holder: While Rowing on the compact rowing machine, you can follow your favorite show, music, or even exercise on your screen comfortably.

Anti-Slip Handle: Anti-Slip Handle helps in absorbing sweat and is also wear-resistant which is hard to get out of hand and avoids accidents providing ultimate fitness and health.

3D Ergonomic Design: Designed by experts, the Kingsmith water rowing machine offers a perfect fit for coccyx comfort and stability.

Adjustable Foot Strip: The adjustable foot strip in the rower helps to create stability and the right fit for different sizes of feet. This means your entire family can use the foldable water rowing machine.

Strong Nylon Drawstring: The water rower consists of a strong nylon drawstring that offers longevity and is equally suited for intense muscle work out.

F-Style Rail Design: The unique feature of this water rowing machine is F- Style rail design which provides smoother and quieter operation compared to U-Style rail in the market.

Meditative Sound: The water rowing machine with its unique feature of water fill, creates a meditative sound which adds to the objective of relaxing your mind while achieving your fitness and health goals.

Tri-Folded Patent Design: Another most beneficial feature of this rower is the 3-fold compact size which helps one to easily experience the workout anytime, anywhere. The compact water rowing machine hence is easy to carry along in your car trunk.

Workout benefits: With Kingsmith foldable water Rowing Machine, 90% more muscles get engagement and training. Double the muscle-building than biking or running. A 20- min workout burns up to 200 calories and it offers multi-functional movement & stretching for the muscles.

App: Connect with KS FIT app to track workouts and goals.

What's in the Box: 1 X Rowing Machine, 1 X Water pump; 2 X Fixing Knob; 1 X Agent Blue; 1 X Manual

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