Product Overview

Discover the Ventray 809 slow masticating juicer, your key to revealing all the flavor, texture and nutrients of your ingredients. Thanks to its 3-inch inclined feed chute, juicing is child's play. This juicer ensures maximum yield by effectively separating the pulp, allowing you to savor every drop of goodness from your favorite fruits and vegetables. Elevate your juicing experience with the precision and efficiency of Ventray.



The low-speed 60 revolutions per minute motor preserves the integrity of the ingredients and minimizes oxidation, ensuring fresh juice.
Using cold press technology, it extracts juice slowly and steadily , avoiding any heat or friction.
Enjoy hassle-free cleaning with the reverse function, which prevents clogs.
Process a wide variety of ingredients, including fruits, vegetables , green leaves, nuts and soybeans.
Large 3-inch feed chute easily accommodates whole fruits and vegetables.
Installation is easy with instructions assembly step by step.


Slow juicer
Juice cup
Pulp cup
Cleaning brush
Juice strainer
Pulp strainer
Recipe book
br />User Manual


BPA-free materials
Exterior: simply wipe clean
Interior: hand wash
One-year original manufacturer's warranty
Five-year engine warranty


Speed: 60 revolutions per minute
Power: 240 watts
Motor: Alternating current (AC)
Weight: 8.3 kilograms / 18.3 pounds
Dimensions: 490 x 270 x 220 millimeters / 19.3 x 10.6 x 8.7 inches

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