Product Overview
UREVO E3S incline treadmill is a fitness innovation with a unique design and one-push incline activation for unmatched convenience. Under-desk walking pads facilitate physical activity at work, combating the sedentary nature of office jobs by allowing individuals to walk or lightly jog while at their desks. This integration enhances cardiovascular health, increases circulation, and improves productivity. Ergonomic Manual Incline Tools: UREVO E3S walking pad Activate the incline effortlessly with a single touch and switch it in just 2 seconds. In comparison to a regular walking pad, its 3% incline design boosts fat-burning efficiency by up to 30%! Tested for short workouts during work or home breaks, it offers a simulated hill-like exercise experience, effectively toning the glutes and legs.Dual Shock Absorption Design: The UREVO E3S incline walking pad features 8 silicone shock absorbers and a five-layer running belt, providing superior knee protection and enhancing overall comfort during your workout. This design ensures the treadmill's sound level stays below 40 dB, guaranteeing it won't disturb your family or neighbors' rest.Smart App: This Walking pad comes with a smart app to offer personalized workouts, progress tracking, and entertainment features, enhancing user motivation and engagement. The app further contributes to user's commitment and goal achievementMagnetic Remote Control: The magnetic remote control is conveniently stored in a compartment, preventing misplacement, and featuring a one-touch mute function to eliminate button noise. LED Display: LED display in UREVO E3S under-desk walking pad presents real-time workout data, including distance, speed, time, and calories, enabling you to easily track your progress.Powerful yet Quiet Motor: Equipped with a 2.25HP motor, the UREVO E3S under-desk treadmill supports users weighing up to 265 pounds and offers a speed range of 0.6-4mph, catering to both walking and jogging needs. Combined with the incline function, it facilitates more effective calorie burning.

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