Product Overview

The Briiv one-year filter bundle is monitored by Briiv's app which determines the health of each filter, so you know when it needs to be replaced. You will receive in your package the moss filter (1-year), coconut filter (1-year), and 4 matrix filters each filter lasting approximately 3 months.
What each filter is made of

  • Moss – The first filter is naturally grown, ethically harvested reindeer moss. This layer will remove PM10-sized particles like pollen and other allergens from the air.
  • Coconut – Taken from waste coconut husk and re-purposed into a fantastic filtration fibre, this dense mesh targets PM5-sized particles including bacteria and mold.
  • Carbon-Silk Matrix – Created bespoke for the Briiv Air Filter, this filter is made up of activated carbon and peace-silk and can trap matter down to the PM2.5 range including fine dust, VOC’s and large viruses.

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